Feminine in approaching the signature of Economics: An unexplored condition for ethics

This paper discusses an analysis of signatures which construct the notion of Economics. Feminist Economics has its history contextualised by the neoclassical rites which seek to inscribe detached,  contextual powers in the practice of Feminist Economics, too.

This paper contributes Feminist Economics by problematizing the notions of languages and cultures as not transparent, nevertheless transcending in the, practices of Economics. Languages and cultures supplement the question of text: inscribing and disseminating the feminine for the purposes of Feminist Economics, as well.

The question of doxa concerning any feminism remains to be discussed. This indicates the phallic, where unquestionably conditioning the scene of textual, to give way for the question of feminine: the visible to give way for the invisible. The impossible – judged from the objective notion of knowledge point of view – translates into the ethical conditioning Economics.

Abstract for my paper presented at IAFFE Istanbul 15-17. August 2000

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